Comments on building your own personal brand and ranking for your name on Google. Great visual explaining what a comprehensive internet marketing social media campaign looks like. seo-tips-for-building-your-personal-brand-21380


Mobile Adwords Campaign

June 23, 2009

Mobile marketing is slowly creeping into the mainstream. A “how to” on setting up a mobile Adwords campaign. ANOTHER advantage of Berry Websites – They are already mobile friendly and can be tweaked with a few “add-ons”. The article gives the advice: beginners-guide-to-creating-mobile-adwords-campaigns-21180

Then your customers need Blogs and Testimonials on their Websites!

Bing is Microsoft’s new search engine that is positioned to better compete with Google. Bing has a different algorithm and newer features. Here is how a SMB can claim their listing on Bing similar to how they would claim their local listing on Google through Google’s Local Business Center. how-to-grab-your-local-listing-in-bing.html